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Electric reach trucks allow for more efficient warehouse space usage due to the narrow body construction and tight turning circle capabilities. Add to this the ability to lift up to 2 tons and to reach as high as 9 metres.
The low cost of entry and incredible efficiency offered by Electric reach trucks in warehouses allows warehouse management to increase efficiency and order processing at a cost that is easily justifiable.

Trade in your old forklifts or older model reach trucks for one of our good as new refurbished electric reach trucks and take advantage of the newer technology that allows you to optimise your warehouse layout and increase shelving and racking space on the same premises.

Talk to one of our efficiency experts for advice on the best electric reach trucks for your application.


The reason you bought an electric forklift for your business was to improve efficiency, speed up delivery/unpacking, reduce costs if you were renting forklifts but essentially you want to improve speed of delivery and save costs. When your electric reach truck forklift is not operational, it is costing you money and perhaps the most important factors to consider when purchasing a forklift are:

  1. Availability of service technicians in your area.
  2. Availability of parts for the body, motor and mast
  3. Response times to service calls and first call fix rate

These are essential factors to consider but certainly not the only factors to consider when purchasing an electric forklift.

The fact that an electric forklift is comparatively carbon neutral is an important factor when considering that the trends moving forward are for reduced emissions equipment in any business, so the use of electric forklifts is a wise choice for a piece of equipment with a 20+ year life span. Diesel forklifts are being phased out of many businesses in favour of battery/fuel cell technology.

Forklift history consideration: a 7 year old forklift that has worked 5 days a week, 8 hours a day would have 14 560 hours on it. This would be considered heavy use. If you are able to get an electric forklift that has between 7 000 and 10 000 hours on it at 7 years old, this would represent a forklift that has had moderate to light use and is likely to be a better buy.

A reconditioned low hour electric forklift is often as good as a new electric forklift but the following needs to be done.

  1. Test Drive
  2. Check engine and list of replacement parts/filters
  3. Request load test

We are electric reach truck forklift dealers with an impeccable track record. Contact us for a hassle free electric forklift deal.